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I've been asked to quote a job to do full color stickers.

In reading previous posts, it seems a lot of users like using Oracal 651. Is this vinyl thick enough where it doesn't require a mask? Also, does the vinyl have to be laminated? Several members use Clearshield in place of the traditional laminate. Is this something you just roll on over the vinyl?

Thanks for your help.

BTW, is Convex vinyl overkill for just regular decals?
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Alot of those questions depend on what you're customer has in mind for the use of the stickers. If you're thinking they want just normal stickers as give aways or promo items I'm sure that material would work. I personally use GMI 3 mil calendered vinyl. As for laminating it, again how are they going to be used. I don't laminate stickers unless I know it's going to be used in an environment that needs it. Remember, time and money. Does your customer really need that extra protection for the cost? Is it easier to just run them without it, make less overall money but spend less time doing the work?
If you making them 2inches or smaller than you dont need lamination or masking
if it is bigger than I def. would because ain't that easy to peel and still because it is wobbly
I use the Avery flex vinyl that is 6 or 8 mil which is great for decals and it pretty tough stuff with a matte finish
Oracal 651 is fine for almost everything. Convex is definatly overkill unless you are doing all helmets etc. I laminate if the customer wants to pay for it and only recommend it for outdoor use where it really is necessary.
Thanks guys for your responses. A few more questions.

- Can you recommend a laminate? Someone on another forum recommended Oraguard 200.

- Can the 651 be used for bumper stickers too? How do you cut out the bumper stickers? Can the Versacamm be used to cut the rectangular shape? If so, wouldn't you have to set the blade pressure to cut all the way through the substrate?

Sorry for all the questions. This is all new for me.


If you wish to laminate your stickers you can brush on clearshield with a roller or brush.
Yea Oraguard 200 or 210 luster is nice or spray it on but if you doing bumper sticker than I would use something thicker like laminate because it is pain to stick larger things with flimsy vinyl
I tell you man, get that Avery stuff ... its like 35 or 40 cent a sq ft
won't need to laminate because I never done.... laminate alone gonna cost you like 40 to 50 cents a sq ft
Umm I think you could cut thru but it will prob be alot of wear and tear on machine which won;t me worth it
I got it easy because i cut with my flatbed cutter and I just cut all business cards last night with it

You can get a rotary cutter, ruler and razor, paper cutter or good old scissor to do same thing
Not to be negative, but you've got a Versa-Camm, and don't know how to print a sticker, or what to print on, or cut???
No guy has a legate question because when i started I didn't now jack or sh8t
Alot of people don;t now for a bit if they can cut thru or score magnetic on there machine or what best vinyl to use with there machine
I now some vets that ask same question to see if there is a better method because stickers ain't there primary business......
BigJack, did you start out with a $20,000 machine? There's a difference between having a $400 cutter, and asking how to use it, than having a versa-camm, and asking what can it do, and how to do it. I said I wasn't trying to be negative, but come on. If one is going to invest that kind of capital into a piece of equipment, I believe they should at least have some kind of idea of its capabilities. Or not!
Kevin - the versacamm can cut through either the vinyl or both the vinyl and the backing but I would not recommend the second as it will tear up your cutting strip and the wear out the blade quickly. there is a new feature with versaworks 3.0 that allows you to perf cut but i have not tried it yet. I usually print my bumper stickers on LG or oracal and then run it through my laminator with the recommended matching laminate. Get a catalog from fellers and they will show you the recommended matching laminates form the manufacturer. We price ours so that the customer can decide if they want the laminate or not and have several different samples in the shop so they can feel the difference. if they are looking to save money, they usually do not add laminate. If they want a long lasting decal (don't call them stickers - it reduces the percieved value), then they will add the laminate. I charge $3 a square foot to add laminate to any project. The numbers given by Sean is a bit off. Orcal 651 runs about $0.23 per square foot and the matching laminate (oraguard 200) runs $0.26 per square foot. if he was combining both then the calculation is correct but the laminate alone is not that expensive. You do have to add in overhead etc but charging $3 per square foot to laminate more than makes up for it and gives a great profit in my book!

As to the amount and type of questions, I had similar ones when we bought our first $15,000.00 machine! No shame in having them, the shame is in not asking and wasting your time and money trying to figure it out on your own! There is a huge lack of training offered on these machines and in what they can do. A tech or sales rep can show you quickly all of the capabilities but then you seem to be on your own. That is why I teach classes in my shop so that people can get the training they need from someone in the industry that actually uses the machine on a daily basis on jobs that all of us want to do. Just my 2 cents but I hope it helps!
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I started with a 30 thous printer and 100 thousand cutter Lol
Oh ya and still learning capability that I can have with them still after a year and I use everyday to...

I know people who been in business with there machine for 5 years and than find out something new with there machine....
Sean, I am jealous of the flatbed! What kind do oyu have?
I love it and it is a Zund M1600 with Optiscout camera and conveyor system
I got like 5 different specilty cutting heads like oscilating head, 45 degree head vinyl head ect Lol
I am still learning to use it since I got it in June
The machine is capable of doing so much and funny thing is I got it orignally to cut Mats for framing but now I do everything with it : )

I got it used for like 45 grand and it like a YEAR OLD and amazing condation but was priced at 100 thous...
Ironic thing is with 3 phase generator, installer, new software and heads I put in addition 30 or 40 thous on it Ha but I am very happy with it and it is a boys best friend

I use it as work table and sleep on it at times

Reverse vaccume at nights and use as air hockey table LMfao
Knucklehead. I'm one of the smartest people I know and I do such things. I can do anything I want to except make money consistantly. I do a lot of research and still don't find out till after I've gotten equipment that what I did the research on isn't quite what I expected and that I need to do more research. It turns out that my ideas of acceptability is different than others when it comes to a finnished product and I need more equipment and after I decide to get that equipment there are other and possibly more profitable things to use said equipment for so I do more research to find out what it can do. Anyway not everyone can make a "business plan" ( I have basicly no education above 5th grade except what I've educated myself to know) and are just gonna have to jump in and do their best. If I had the money, I would have bought the versacam to start with just because I can imagine a lot of wonderfull things it can do and I know people are selling for lots of money the products I know about already, but not being a business person, things probably wouldn't move very fast and I would start asking myself and others "What else can I do to fill in and become a little more profitable". The moral of this post is that all people (and their brains) don't work the same way and different people come at a problem from different directions. Yours isn't the only, or necessairly the best way for all people to do things. Open you mind and accept that people are different and that doesn't necessarily mean they are dumb or thought less, just different. My wife (bless her soul) appears to be dumber than dirt but she can take a pile of scraps and with a little help with the mechanics of the process, make a beautifull quilt. So whos to say which smart is more important, my ability to do anything I put my mind to or her ability to see and interpet beauty where all
I see is scrap or junk. Good luck.
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Yepp I started in frame biz with an epson 7800 and dahle paper cutter and moved up in life after i sold my old building : )
Still haven't justifed the Zund purchase but It to much fun to use ha

You still hanging in Sign101 jerk forum Lol
Yes I am still in the signs101 forum. Not sure why you call it the jerk forum. What was your name over there?
Not all but there are some jerks there the wolf gang is what me and a few others called

I was Sign&Frame Ha and i took some of worse beating on there ever
It all good because i made alot of friends to : )
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