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I've been coming to t-shirt forums for awhile for research/amusement, but never signed up until today. I have been doing HTV canvas/cotton bags & tshirts and today I purchased some used screen printing equipment to see what I can do with that. I have done "art" screen printing using non-traditional resists for art workshops and working with an artist who had me cleaning her screens (LOL), but I never have burned my own before. That will happen some time this week!

I live in Central Indiana. I'd love to know of any good supply resources here. I just purchased screen yardage at Prizm art supply, but the chick couldn't tell me what mesh # it was. I know they used to have several choices 5 years or so ago. Probably not what I want for coarser duck cloth /canvas bags. I guess i'll find out for my test screen! :)

Thanks! :)

Bean aka Pam
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