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Geo Knight 20" Heat Presses (DK20S & DK20SP)

I have two 16x20 George Knight heat presses, but I really only need one, so I'm going to sell the other.

One is manual (the DK20S), the other, automatic (the DK20SP).

They're fine presses from Geo Knight's professional line. These are high quality presses with tightly wound heating elements and a lot of heavy metal.

Why does that matter?

Tight windings mean even heat distribution throughout the top platen.

Heavy metal means the press holds heat better than a cheap press, which improves quality when pressing items that suck a lot of heat (ceramic for instance). The temperature drops less during the press cycle.

These are the 110 V "swinger" models
DK20S bought Summer 2013, DK20SP bought around Spring 2012. Both are lightly used because which can probably be verified on the odometer. (Auto used exclusively then I switched to the manual exclusively.)

Nice features of automatic: easy to apply a lot of pressure; press pops up automatically (about 2"); pressure settings more precise / reproducible.

Both have a pressure gauge but the automatic's is more precise.

Complete specs and photos are here:

Swing-Away Heat Presses : Geo Knight & Co Inc
DK20SP : Digital Knight Air Operated Swinger : Geo Knight & Co Inc

DK20S: $1029
DK20SP: $1479

Excludes shipping.

Save $150 on either if you pick up in Wichita, KS

PM me.

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