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data cable, nothing prints

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Help, I just changed the data cables on my Anajet FP-125 and now it doesn't print. It fires up, can clean heads and I can see ink come out of tubes. I know the heads are clean I just ran a syringe with cleaner in all of them. But no ink drops when it prints or purges.
I ordered new cables because one got full of ink and got corroded.
Does anybody know or have a diagram of which cable goes where. I'm sure I got them in the same place, but want to verify. Or if anybody has had this problem please let me know.

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Are you talking about the cables to the printhead? If you are and they were corroded from ink, most likely you blew a fuse on the motherboard.
Are they changeable? Any idea where they are located?
Yes, it is the cable to print head. On the print head where the cables plug in the top plug still is discolored from the corrosion. I used a dry brush to clean it off.
If everything is connected properly and it goes through the motions but doesn't print, then the fuse on the motherboard is blown.
Any idea how to get to it.
if i'm not mistaken, it's an Epson part, and you can do it yourself. there are some threads on these forums that refer to the fuse and how to replace it. of course, you can always send it to AnaJet to have the whole machine refurbished.

I had this problem back when I had my FP-125. Mine was notorious for this. Im pretty sure you blew the fuse. its easy to do this when replacing the cables or printheads. Contrary to some feedback here...I dont recommend you tackle this. Take it from me...Its not easy. I recommend two options: Call Anajet and tell them the problem and send them the board only....or find a repair shop that can diagnose by checking the fuse and repair as necessary. My FP-125 did this 3 times....the third time I shut it down....and let it rot for 6 months and then traded it in on an MP5.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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