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I am seeking some information regarding the DAS software. I did a search on the forum and found a lot of things but most of everything posted was old. I think I found one post in 2017. I really am only interested in the Monogram program but they indicated you need Smart Designer Pro for it to work. They did make me a good offer to include some of the other software. At this point, I am not interested in purchasing a lot of the templates. I would like to hear from those that are currently using the software and those that had in the past but no longer using it.
My questions regarding Smart Designer Pro are:

1. If I have templates from other sources will the software work as well as it would with DAS templates? I have some artwork from Great Dane and some others and may purchase from other websites in my designs. I am not a trained graphic designer so I do need help in this area.
2. Will the templates I create myself will they work with the software as well as DAS templates? By this I mean can I change the graphics, text, colors, and other effects that can be done with their templates. Example: I may create a design with a mascot for a local school and want to change the colors and logo for another school. I know I can do it in Coral but the videos show it to be very simple and quick with SD Pro.
3. If I create a monogram design I want to be able to change the text without having to do a lot of adjustments in Corel since I will be doing these at various shows and applying them to various substrates. I do HTV as well as sublimation.
4. I am sure there are other questions that I should be addressing to DAS prior to my purchase. So if I am forgetting any questions, please let me know what else I should know about the company and software. Yes, I have read the post on selling your software if you decide you no longer need it. Again the posts were old so this may also be old information.

Many of the older posts indicated poor tech support. Has this been improved? Are there a lot of bugs in the programs that prevent the software from functioning? If not are their forums like this that is specific to assist individuals that may have issues. I know this site has been excellent In getting help to various issues that I have had in the past with other software. In some of the older posts, it was indicated that others were able to go to some forums to get answers to their questions. However, they did not indicate a link or name for the forums. I have seen on this forum that many people have asked a question on various technical issues on DTG printers and other equipment and were able to resolve issues without having to call a company tech support and wait for a response.
I guess I would like to hear from others that have used the software on the good, the bad and the ugly. I do not want this to become a negative discussion about DAS but to give me the facts and information in order to make an inform choice based on current info.
Your comments and suggestions are appreciated. THANKS!

Your assistance with information and comments are appreciated.

I am using Windows 10 (64bit) and CorelDrawX7 and will be looking to upgrade to either 2017 or wait for the next Corel Upgrade.

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I don't have anything negative to say about them, to 1 and 2 is a YES as long as they are editable in Coreldraw.

to 3, that is the purpose of their software to make it easy, is as simple as just entering text, all you have to do is change colors if that is need it.
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