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Darn, they beat me to it

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Around 2 years ago I started working on a design but never got round to finishing it.

One day I take a look at Threadless and guess what? I see my idea being used plus, they're using the same image I'm using!! :mad:
That really pissed me off and I was kicking and screaming for few minutes saying I shoulda sorted out my t-shirt business quicker. That was a few months ago, but this week I see the same image being used but by a different company. Double :mad: :mad:

Have any of you seen a duplicate of your own design?
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People have used my images before. You can send them a cease and decist letter, or you can jump right in and sue them without warning.
How "obvious" was your design?

I had Jesus iPod a parody shirt design (not my style today, at all) finished about a week after the very first ads came out years ago. Never printed it, and now you can see them everywhere....it was an "obvious" design, which different minds could have easily come up with.
Better to keep a close eye on your designs then I guess. I'll try be careful with me at least..

I luckily have not. I am actually just started a site and have not put my designs on the page yet. I would be sooooo upset if I saw them being used. Next time don't stop your idea, finish it and beat the competition.
Well, I can't see any hurt in telling you what it was.

It was a silhouette of huuge city skyline at night. And when I'm talking huge, I mean like hundreds of windows lit up. It had a 3D feel to it because of the alignment and angles gave it perspective. Although I have seen a silhouette of city skyline on a shirt before, but it didn't have as much detail (windows) as what I wanted to do.

The idea isn't exactly that unique, it's just that the two other "versions" used the very same image I used as a reference.

Back then I was creating the design for myself to wear, but I guess I should thought about the absence of that specific idea and shoulda used it properly.
I have a bad feeling its going to happen to me too. I use very little text, mostly relying on illustration to convey the message, so I can see people tryint to take my imagery. But I have seen similar shirts out there of ideas I had, or close to them, but odds are it's going to happen if it's a good idea.
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