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Hello. You must be super bored if you are reading this. You need to find a hobby.

I've been reading this forum for years. Usually, I'll Google (well really I use "Yahoo! Search" primarily...) a question and the answer that Yahoo! gives me will be found on here. Such as lately...

I beginning to think I want a DTG printer. Currently I'm using heat transfers to make my shirts which is a large part of my hobby. I have a Roland VS-540i print & cut machine, an Oki 711WT white toner laser printer, and a Sawgrass Virtuoso SG800 for my main "T-shirt" printing. For other items I also have a Roland LEF-20 UV printer and an Epilog EXT36 laser engraver.

I love making t-shirts! I'm a newbie for sure. I'm learning the basics of CorelDraw.

Did I mention I'm a cripple? I'm a quadriplegic - so the easiest of tasks for most people are a challenge for me.

Please comment and say hello. Thank you for reading my intro. Get a life.

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