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I've worked in print shops and darkrooms for 35 years and the majority have been a neutral gray color.
(Jobs that cost many thousands of dollars were on the line too)
One paint job exception was my first job, they had canary yellow walls, trimmed with a royal blue border in our department... heheh
In the other places there were areas that had white, or off white, they mostly took this stuff seriously, when we'd paint, we'd always have to go with the gray, they'd order it special too.
(The camera departments all had neutral gray)
I guess it could've been mid-management decisions though, something for them to argue over. heheh
Actually, I don't think it matters at all, we did everything under the sun in those darkrooms, nothing was ever attributed to the wall color as far as any of us were concerned.
Our biggest problems were salespeople with tours barging in the darkrooms or something like that. heheh

This room I'm in used to be a darkroom too, it had white walls, I developed for a few years in here, no problems at all.

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