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Hi all,

Has anyone heard of/know anything about 'dark laser printing'?

I have a design that I need to put onto tshirt and it's too complex (too many colours and a few gradients) for me to screen print at the moment so I have been searching for transfers I could order in instead.

The website (http://www.motifs.co.uk/printing.htm) describes it as:
Great for putting a multi colour design or photo onto a coloured garment. The image is permanently dyed onto a thin sheet of plastisol which is then heat sealed onto the fabric.
We are able to cut the print into quite complex shapes for breast or sleeve type badges and because of it's high wash properties it can also be used for sportswear and workwear.

I just need to know whether it's durable... how its durability compares to plastisol transfers and such...

Any help (a little urgent!) would be much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance :)

- Annie

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It sounds interesting, but not something I know about myself - sorry.

Hopefully someone has tried it before...

I assume urgent means you don't have time to do some test washes?
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