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Dark Inkjet transfers

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I seem to have trouble with my dark transfers i recently bought from Boo-ze. It seems that most of the edges are ok but many of the images are flakeing in the center. I am using a knight heat press. Anyoned have any suggestions. I did a festival recdently now many of the dark t-shirts are coming back in.
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Unfortunately, Boo-Z is now out of business. Do you have the product number of the paper that was purchased
Thanks Ed I will see if I can find it all I have a a sku number.
I was just reading about issues with boo-z transfers... I will go find the thread... something about the temp fixed the issues with one person, hang on, I'll get the thread so you can see if you have the same problem these people did:


Maybe something here can help you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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