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What I am looking for:
1. Dance/Fitness type clothing
2. A quality method of printing to put my designs on due to stretchy fabric? (light and dark colors)
3. no to low minimums

Designs: most are silhouettes of one color. There are some designs that have 4.

I would like to build my own brand, so any company that sends their products under my business name is PREFERRED.
I would like for me to put my designs on the products and they would do the rest- providing garments, printing, and shipping, etc. I have my own website for my niche already so I’ll do marketing.
(If I can’t find a company that can “do it all” then at least one nearby (Ohio zip: 45103) would be nice so I can pick it up and ship it myself or free shipping.)

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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