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Hello, nice too meet you all here! Those fora here have being a great help for me all those years but I joined to ask my specific problem.

I have a summa d60FX and the pressure I get from the cutter is different for some reason at the right side of the media comparing to the left one. The level of the problem is that in the right side I cut the vinyl or the paper sticker and on the other side it cut through almost completely.

The first thing I did was to replace the old stripe, it was so old that it crumbled on my hands while removing. While this greatly improved my cuts I still get uneven pressure, and perforation still appeared on the left side.
I have to note that I don't have the cut through operation enabled and I have cleaned the "canal" where this stripe is fitting from any adhesive or other leftovers.

I tried other vinyl makers and still the same.

I though that maybe the machine is bend, I got it second hand for suspiciously low price, but this is where it is getting weird because the uneven cut is not like it happen to the left side of the machine, it happens on the left side of the media.
What I mean, the FX have fixed sizes, so if I move to the left side and use the rollers there I get the same effect. The left side of the medium is cut through, the right is fine. If I move to the position at the right side of the machine and move the rollers there the same thing happens, left side of the media cut through, the right is fine.

The last suspect that I haven't checked yet is the blade, I used for some time some supercheap 60 degrees ones from ebay, and while I ordered an official 45 degree, I haven't changed it yet as I wanted to "use up" the on I have on the machine and plus I have to do all the adjustments that I don't have much time to do it now (I mean the machine as is does the job and it will take me a couple of hours with my current expertise to setup the new blade).

What do you think?

(thanks in advance!)
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