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I usually only print my CYMK films on Photoshop because its very easy to separate colors. But I noticed that photoshop has less detail and more sawtooth on images than me printing from AI. I use the cymk 305 mesh profile when printing from photoshop for the 4 color process. And I only print spot colors from AI because of better detail, but takes a long time to separate each color, especially if I don't have them in layers.

2 questions:
1) Can I Print spot colors and separate on photoshop without the image having sawtooth and lower quality. I bring in the image at 400ppi EPS from AI, but when I load it to photoshop its still low quality no matter what I do.

2) I noticed I can print CYMK from AI. But, I can't find a CYMK print profile 305 mesh for AI. I only can find it for photoshop. Does anyone know how to change the CYMK profile for a clear cymk film image without the prints becoming to heavy and blotchy.

Thank you
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