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We have a Roland GX-24 cutter that we use to cut vinyl. I'm the embroidery division, so do not use the cutter.

I have a customer who wants SECURITY in reflective material across the back of a jacket. I found the material at Madeira, but don't know if it's on a carrier sheet or not. My plan is to cut the letters and applique them to the jacket.

If the fabric does not have a carrier sheet, what do I need to use for a carrier sheet? Can I use a piece of carrier from vinyl or is there a special carrier sheet? I have a Cricut sheet, but am thinking that will be too thick. I have KK100 that I use in my embroidery business.
Reflective HTV should come on a carrier sheet. You will cut it mirrored, the carrier sheet will then be the "transfer tape".
For the setting to cut it on your plotter, have the person/people that run the plotter cut this for you. They should be to dial in the settings to your particular setup.

As binki said, a 60 degree blade would be better. If this is all the HTV your doing then just cut it with the blade your using currently.
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