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Cutting Master 3 and CorelDraw X7 won't play nice

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I have been using Cutting Master 3 (CM3) right along with CD X6, and love the interface from CD to CM3. With the recent release of CD X7, I seem to have lost this direct line between CD and CM3. I have tried repeated reinstalls to no avail. It appears that the connect is not yet supported by CM3.

Does anyone know if there are currently plans to update CM3 to port direct from X7 as it did with X6?

Does anyone know of a manual workaround to get this function back?

Thanks in advance.
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Hello Harp, As of now Cutting master will not play nice with X7. Right now you would need to export and bring into Graphtec Studio. We have not received a release date on the update for CM3 yet. I would recommend using X6 for now as it does play nicely. :) I know this doesn't help, but figured I would respond to let you know.

Have a great day!

Has anyone received word on when CM3 will be compatible with Corel X7? I made a mistake and now trying to correct it. I just purchased a CE6000-40 after I upgraded from X3 to X7 and realized the problem after the fact. I was using an old Roland cutter with cut studio and needed to upgrade due to driver problems with the Roland cutter. Any advice on the best way to cut would be appreciated. I've even thought about trying to find Corel X6 and install until CM3 is updated to work with X7. Not real familiar with the Graphtec Studio software yet. Again, any help is appreciated.
try draging your file in graphtec studio and cut from there. I use scalp to design in till i learn ai and graphtec studio. studio I learn more faster. it don't work with svg but works with eps.
Thanks. I'll try that. I was able to save a file as a DFX AutoCad file. I then opened it in Graphtec Studio and cut it from there, no problems.

Just so everyone knows that will see this, I talked to Graphtec customer support today and they told me that a new version of Studio and CM3 that is compatible with X7 is supposed to be available for download Sep., 10 of this year. I hope it's true.
That is great news! Thank you for the update.
Wow what timing!!

I have a Graphtec 5000 cutter and up till recently used the cutting master software from within CorelDraw x6 without a hitch. I've now upgraded to not only a new PC with windows 8.1, but upgraded to CD x7 as well. I also did as HarpPasto,r and did multiple downloads from the Graphtec website. It successfully downloaded cuttingmaster2 and I can open it from my desktop. However it doesn't appear in my app pull down list from within CorelDraw. I guessed it had something to do with x7 so and that brought me to the forums to see if anyone else had the same problem. Apparently so! and I chuckled when I saw the post that the update should be ready for 9/10.... well that's today, I'm guessing its not ready yet? I put a call into technical support but could only leave a voice mail.
Well, I received a call back from Graphtec about the X7 plug-in and was told that it is available for download on their site for CM2. I was told that the plug-i for X7 for CM3 will be available 9/24/14. Thought I would let everyone interested know.
Thanks, but did they say when it actually became available? Because I downloaded CM2 on 9/10 and have x7 and it's not working, I'll check back on the site to see if they've added a plug in since then. I've called twice and only get a voicemail, they returned the call once, but I missed it. How did you get in touch with them?
Well, just looked on the Graphtec site and the CM3 pug in for X4-X7 is there. I'm at my full time job during lunch so I haven't downloaded it yet. I will today or tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
Thank you cookemb for the update.

I downloaded the new CM3 and installed it into CD7. Works very well. I cut a dozen or so shirts last night, no issues.

Life is now good again. . .
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