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good morning to all!!

Spanish I forgiven for my english

6 months ago I bought a Roland GX24 yuuujuuu! since I'm reading manuals, tests, etc ... I've been wanting to know how much "power cut" I have to put the vinyl textile PoLiFlex Premium ... as short a line drawing of a peel that I am flip the statement If I did see it as broken lines close together, but short, the only thing that I can peel it up very many details, and I have to walk very carefully ... I does not cut it as 100%, 1% leaves me without cutting and for that little corner up to me all the bit I do not want to get up.

The pressure of the cutting force of 160 gf I have the blade each time you change about ¿?? (I know according to use, ¿do you think that the cuts me to the plotter without 100% of the area of the piece you want to cut it by the blade ¿?

many thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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