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Cutter "sticking" in up position? CE5000-60

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Ok so I got a cutter as part of a deal... Cutting a sign job and noticed that the cutter Blade assembly was sticking in the up position and not cutting at all... I touched the top of the blade and it dropped and started cutting? Is there something that needs lubed or cleaned? Also, was missing half of first cut on the first letter... Then cut fine after missing it. I added a "false" starting letter to the design... Missed part of it and cut the rest of the job perfect? But each time I had to basically touch/push the blade down to start it? Lost and have a sign job coming up! Any help would be great!!
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It sounds like the solenoid core that actuates the blade is sticking. You may be able to disassemble the carriage and clean the core and fix it or you may need to have the solenoid replaced. Alternatively, it may be the bearings sticking on the rails. Similar issue. Clean or replace.
Thanks for the help! I will try this when I get a chance.. Im a screenprinter and we are way busy right now... I'll post the results when I get it done! I wont use it much but don't want to sell my old plotter til I get this one running and reliable!
Graphtec has great support. I do recommend you give them a call when you get the chance. Graphtec America
While this may be too late for the OP, perhaps it will help someone else in the future.

I recently had the same issue on a CE5000-40. When not energized, the head retracts and rests against a small synthetic pad by virtue of spring tension. The synthetic pad on my cutter had developed a tac causing the head to initially hang in projects. This machine was recently purchased used and I thought the prior user may have exposed this pad to either solvent or lubricant causing this; now I'm not so sure. In any case my solution was to replace the small factory installed cable tie securing the solenoid wires under the head cover with a nylon tie looped slightly lower over the synthetic pad, creating a new surface for the head to rest against. Thus far it's good to go.
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This must be a common thing, I have the same problem with my 5000-40, it seems worse if I don't use the cutter for a while. My solution is to gently tap the blade holder down a couple of times before cutting and all is well.

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