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Hi I got my first cutter about 2 months ago and have been getting on great with it(mh721 US cutter). I set it up and like I say no problems at all. Maybe had about 2 or 3 hrs proper cutting time in all. Havent used it for a couple of weeks then used it today and worked ok. It was scratching the vinyl a bit tho but was still ok. Then changed letter sizes and blade didnt cut right thru. Changed new blade and doesnt cut properly thru now.Tried it credit card thickness,half a cedit card then half again and still cant get it to go thru vinyl. Force originally at 90 but tried it at 100 and 120 and back to 90 but not going thru vinyl properly. If I put the blade further thru it just scratches vinyl...any help please?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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