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cutter plotter right blade adjustment HELP :(

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Good day. I really need help in adjusting the blade, and PRS of my plotter, I start the blade to half of a mm and start testing in 50 up to 200 Prs, but still I can make the right smoothness cut for vinyl. could you pls. help me. tnx and more power to all.
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How is your cut strip? Is there any deep cuts. Also, is your art work clean vector meaning minimal nodes, straight lines and round corners.
Take a small scrap of vinyl and remove your blade holder. Place the vinyl of a hard surface and holding the holder in your hand make a few cuts, circles or something. Now peel it. If it didn't cut through the vinyl extend the blade a little, keep doing that until you get a good clean cut without cutting through the backing material. That should help you at least to get a starting point because you now know the depth of your blade that works with what you're cutting. Now work on your other settings. Also make sure your cutting strip isn't messed up.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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