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Cutter for sublimation?

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I'm not sure how a cutter works so forgive me if this doesn't make sense. I was wondering if you could use a cutter to cut sublimation transfer paper after printing your design?
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You don't need to cut the design out as only the ink from the design transfers to the garment when heat pressed.
I do because for the purpose that I'm using it the placement of the design has to be exact. In order to do that I've been manually cutting the design by hand so that I know where the edges are.
I that case you would need a cutter with an 'eye' that can see where the design is and contour cut the design, but BEFORE you put it on the cutter you would need to attach the printed paper on to some kind of carrier sheet, as the cutter needs to cut through the printed paper into a carrier sheet (that is sticky and holds the paper still) to cut.

It really would not be worth it, not even sure it can be done.

There must be an easier way of lining up you design, can't you put some kind of registration marks on the back of the paper or punch small holes with a punch so you know where particular points are?

I need to see the edges in order to place it in the exact spot it needs to be. How much would the carrier sheet cost, because too much time is spent cutting out 500 designs at a time. Does anybody know if it would be possible?
If the dye sub paper is thick enough you may not need a carrier sheet. I cut my opaque paper with Roland GX-24 and do not use a carrier sheet. Just need to make sure the depth and force of blade is not so great as to go completely through the paper.
you cannot cut sublimation paper... I suppose you could use a carrier sheet while you cut..not sure this will do what you want
@ charles
I have to disagree with you on this one m8 ;) i have done with my craftmate 330 A3 cutter with the optical eye and useing a carrier sheet, and it works fine.
I did have a few issues at first with the depth and such, but i did get it worked out in the end and after several goes.
Like most cutters, its geting the debth of the blade set right then its all go :)
Jim...just what do you disagree with me? i did not say it COULD not be done...I only said that you would need a carrier sheet...because sublimation paper does not have one..also the cutter you reference is not sold in USA and is rather small... I believe the largest size material is less thatn 15 inch? if so it is small...you can get a laserpoint in US that will contour cut but uses a manual registration system.
If you cut right up to the print edge with sublimation transfer paper, you run the risk of the 'bleed' going onto your platen, or onto your teflon sheet (if used). You will need to use a clean sheet of copy paper to cover the cut out, with every pressing you do, to prevent this from happening.

Sublimation paper can be cut with an optical cutter, but the edges can be prone to flaking, as it is a coated paper. Some sublimation papers are worse than others for this.
Will...thanks for bringing this up... I had not consider this point which is certainly a valuable point
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