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Cutlines for distressed font

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Hi there
I am relatively new to this so I would appreciate some help. I have already created some cool tshirts for family and friends by using Illustrator then sending the file to my Roland BN20 as a PDF file for printing and cutting. My question is about making shirts look vintage. I have some great vintage and distressed overlays for putting onto text and illustrations to make them look old and worn. On print they look great but I when it comes to cutting I am a bit unsure. Do I have to set cut lines for all the little "worn" areas and try to weed them all out or do I just fill the areas with colour that matches the tshirts I am putting the heat transfer on? I have tried both and while the weeded ones looks best, it takes forever for the printer/cutter to cut them out and weeding is painfully slow. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions?:confused:
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Screen print it! You will lose your mind (not to mention time & money) trying to weed out a distressed effect with cut material. Printing the knockouts the color of the shirt would be a much more practical way to go if screen printing is not an option.
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