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cut vinyl decal pricing

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Hi everyone, I new to this forum but hoping I can learn a little. I have a customer that wants a quote on a one color 6x6 decal, easy weed,oracal 651. I would sell it one at a time for $5 to $6 ea. He talking 100 plus for his surf shop if price is right. What would be a fair price ? Any help would be thankful.
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Hi there i would look at what you buy your vinyl per meter, then see how many of the logo you you can get in that meter then/ by how many, add your work cost then go from there, well thats what i do when i have a big job.
Hope that was helpful
I think it would be easier if you just set up per square inch prices.. meaning find out how much it costs you per square inch to buy it. Then add your operating cost to the per square inch price. Then a little profit to the price.... then it doesn't matter if the design is a box or long and skinny like text. You just add up the square inches and that is what it is... the tighter you can pack the designs the more money you make, but usually most designs still just bump each other so your still using the original square inch amount of vinyl.

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