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Cut Studio, CorelDraw X3 & Clip Art

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I imported a clip art image from the CoreldDraw 9 Clip Art Library Disk. I added some lettering and sent it to Cut Studio. The lettering showed up in Cut Studio just fine, however, the clip art showed up in Cut Studio as a blue rectangle.

The clip art file was a CorelDraw file (a vector image), not a bit map file. I did bring the clip art file into the CorelDraw file I was creating by using the import utility in CorelDraw.

I'm using CorelDraw X3.

Please explain what I did wrong to cause the clip art file to show up in Cut Studio as a blue rectangle instead of as the actual clip art image I thought I was importing?
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When you view the clip art in Corel Draw as a wireframe view does it show the same blue box?
When I view it in wire frame it appears like any other vector file, a wire frame.
Were you using the Cutstudio plugin for Corel Draw (it shows up as a "R" button in corel draw) or were you saving it as an eps and then importing through cutstudio.
I agree with Joto, need to know how you are sending it to CutStudio.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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