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Cut & Sew Design Copyright

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Does anybody know if cut and sew designs are subjected to copyright issues?

To be more specific, if Nike has made this design before, does it mean I cannot make this design and market it?

I tried to upload a picture below in alibaba.com , and i got rejected with this email.

*removed email content* Basically says that they cannot publish the Product information because the product may be an unauthorized replica of a registered brand, or it may be a product that you are not authorized to distribute.

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personally i dont think it's cool to start sharing email info on a public forum board.

but if you are duplicating someone elses stuff it's not good.

To make it yourself it's not hard to do. Sure you can even buy an off the shelf pattern from fabric land and change it to your liking easy. This would be more like your own and not an exact replica of someone elses.

The standards (patterns) are use alot at cut/sew places too, they have pattern makers on hand to make any necessary changes you may want.
If the name/logo on the shirt belong to you, and not another company, then I don't see any problem.

Just email them and tell them this is yours.
Hmm, that's an interesting question. Probably one best put to a lawyer, but dozens of companies make the same t-shirt "style".

I don't know if there are different rules for specific patterns or if certain companies specifically copyright certain patterns that they feel are unique to their line.
In a cut & sew design, such as the one you posted, does the other material have any kind of function? Or is it purely ornamental? It's possibly you might be looking at a design or utlity patent depending on your answer.
Rodney said:
but dozens of companies make the same t-shirt "style".
yes they do like the classic BOX-T.

but all the majors make them a little different. Thats because it's their shirt and not the competitor's.

Smaller Brands will make it the same exactly. But can't compete with the prices.

A lot of cut/sew places have standart styles on hand that put your label on them.

The Classic T got popular in the 50's with the navy look.... i think.

If this is true, then the Navy was the originator of the classic BOX-T. :) lol
Jasonda said:
Me too :) Great find, Jasonda.

Too bad the laywer's blog that is linked to in the post is no longer active...but still good information to have!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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