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Cut and Sew garment manufacturing in ontario

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Hi Guys,

I am currently looking for a cut and sew company within Ontario, preferably the GTA. I know they exist but have had no luck in finding any contact information for companies within the surrounding area.

I am looking to have garments made from start to finish including hats, shirts, long sleeves and other styles of garments with care labels and hang tags.

There is a company called Coalition Co. Who are based out of Toronto, on their website coalitionlifestyle.com they feature that all products are manufactured in Toronto. Now I would ask them but business motives are usually kept quiet.

If anyone knows of where I can get cut and sew production made in Toronto or where I may supply my own fabric to have cut and sew done please let me know.

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Try CRW Designs ([email protected]). They are in Scarborough and can help you go from pattern design to production. The ladies are very knowledgeable and friendly.

They are also the best I've come across in the GTA.

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