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Nice idea...although my shirts are plastic sealed and folded after they are printed, a custom bag or mailer might be a nice way to set things off and help establish a brand.
Hey, Rodney--I see you are fairly close to me--I live in Red Bluff, two hours N. of Sacto. Who do you have print your tshirts and bag them for you? Are you able to costs? I am just launching my company and although, Tshirts and hats are not going to be my primary business (I hope), it is a rather inexpensive way to start marketing a brand (creating a cocktail mix). I got my first run of shirts a month or so ago and I have had to fire the tshirt printer, the embroidery person and two website developers. Thank God, I finally got the most awesome developers now, but having to start from scratch with the tshirt printer and embroiderer. Any references would be greatly appreciated. I have read numerous posts from you--very helpful! Cocktail Cowgirl
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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