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Customink and Heat press companies

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Hi Im new to this forum Im currently a high school student trying to enter the clothing line industry. I just recently made a bunch of designs on custom ink.com. However can I get those shirts printed and have another heat press company make copies for cheaper prices? Im not sure if they do that..thanks a ton in advance
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Did you create the designs that would be printed by Customink? And yes, you can take the printed tshirt, or even just a print out of the picture of your design and any screen printer should be able to reprint the shirt for you. However, if you don't have the original or high quality artwork file you will most likely be charged to have the artwork tweeked or recreated. Additionally, most screen printers have a minimum quantity of shirts they will print; they won't print just 1 unless they have a DTG machine or can use a heat transfer.
Yeah I took what customink had for images and texts and created very vibrant colorful shirts. And I dont understand why the t-shirts would have to be tweeked? please explain. thanks for the post
Yes, you can have custom transfers made for applying to the shirts as required.
Yeah I took what customink had for images and texts and created very vibrant colorful shirts. And I dont understand why the t-shirts would have to be tweeked? please explain. thanks for the post

Customink software is designed for use with their shirts so when you upload your design its print ready for them.

If you pass along your artwork to a printer the design is not print ready for them meaning... low resolution, possible pixalation and overall poor quality to give a printer.

You can pass along the ideas to a printer and they can re-work your ideas but that is usually (setup or artwork fee)

or download inkscape.org for free and design them in a vector based program so that when you pass them along to a printer it would be in a better print quality format.

key words to learn when it comes to print quality artwork:

-Resolution (300 dpi is usually ideal)

-Vector (Vector Magic Precision Bitmap To Vector Conversion Online they have an excellent explanation regarding vector artwork) vital to learn this because if want quality work and color vector is the way to go. Printers can print whatever you want but if you give them crap that is what will print crap.

example: draw something on a piece of paper -take a picture with your cellphone then email it yourself print it out then go photocopy it and scan it in and then print it again... does it look the same as the original probably not.

-proper formats when sending to a printer (.png, jpeg, .eps, .pdf, .cdr, .psd, .ai)

bold incidates preferred methods..

REMEMBER~ just because you converted it to a .eps or .pdf doesn't mean its a vector format.

even though your artwork is original (which is best) you can still encounter a artwork and setup fee so do not be surprised.

best of luck
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Thanks so much guys so basically your saying I could take a drawing that is very blah/average and use inkscape and get them looking more professional? Wow if thats the way I interpreted that thanks a ton
Yes and no...

You can use inkscape to create vector images but if you are using clip art or non vector images then ~No~ Unless the images are clear and preferably vectorized.

inkscape has a tool to vector images (clip art, or copy and paste stuff)

if you are creating your own images via paintbrush, text, shapes then no need to vectorize them since you are creating them in a vector program all you would need to do save them in a .eps format.

if you are importing images off the internet or things like that then vectorizing them and adding your own effects via inkscape will give you a better print quality image.
Well said FatKatz Printz. What I meant by having the artwork "tweeked" is just basically "reworked", exactly like how Fatkatz said. Thanks!
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