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I am looking for input on places to get ink and supplies for a DTG Kiosk II. Please only share places that have provided great customer service. I am not going to spend my money at places that do not appreciate my business. I am not looking for anyone to jump through hoops just answer emails and phone calls would be a great start. I have received greta customer service from Pro World, San Mar, Conde, Coastal Business and Hit Man designs. There have been a couple others and if i continue to make orders you must be doing good. I do have to single out Omega Global. He sells used equipment on eBay. The owner there was beyond wonderful. His listing stated the printer was guaranteed not to be DOA and he stood behind it 200%. This man with no arguement spent a good chunk of what I paid for the machine getting it to print like brand new, and it has been performiing wonderfully. So please share the companies with me that are providing great customer service out there. My obvious first choice for supplies has not provided anything resembling customer service so I hope to find a company that does.
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