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Customer complaint

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We have recently started selling through our website. Yesterday a customer placed an order and since we don't hold the items in stock we ordered from our supplier and got the to deliver to customer.
This evening we got an email from the customer which basically said nothing but

Useless, wrong colour sent.

They paid by PayPal and have immediately escalated this to a claim on paypal.

We have emailed the customer apologising and said we will send a replacement.

I'm taking their comments and actions quite hard feeling they are uncalled for. Obviously they feel upset but are they justified in responding this way.

Just wondered how any of you might deal with this situation.

We have told paypal all if the facts and just wIting for a response now from customer and paypal.
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How much are you talking about?...How did they order and how did a mistake get made?...
We get these every so often. I consider it a risk of doing business online.

I end up eating the backcharge, and then banning the customer until they pay in full, and pay up front in cash.

Them losing you is going to be much worse in the long run.
Out of curiosity, did you sell a blank or decorated shirt?
Thank you for your replies. They were blank garments and sent directly from our supplier to the customer to save on shipping. We have checked our order details from our supplier and we definitely ordered the right product in the right colour. It's only £50 but since we have just started selling online and have encountered a problem like this straight away, it's a bit off putting.
If we have to refund then we will, it won't cost me much to sort it out but the reaction from the customer was awful.
I would like to continue selling online but wasn't prepared for the awkward customers. We print for local customers and have such a great relationship with our customers who speak very highly of us, then this guy comes along calling us useless.

But disheartening.
They ordered directly off our website then chose to pay with paypal.
You do know that every computer monitor is different, right?

Sky blue on mine may appear dark blue on yours when we both look at the same online swatch colour.

Tbh, it's not surprising that the shirt colour did not match the colour they saw on their screen. It never does on mine and my screen is calibrated. That's why we use material swatches.

So, you need to have a very clear disclaimer right above and below your swatches and also on the final order form that colours seen on their monitor may not represent the actual shirt colours and shades, since each digital monitor will vary from the actual dyed shirts. Best to use them as a relative guide.

They ordered white and say they got blue. So obviously this has nothing to do with the colour on their monitor.
I know they have the wrong colour, my issue is with how harshly they have complained when we have held our hands up and said we will sort it. They will have the right colour shirts within 3 days of original order which I don't thing is bad going.

As for colour matching the garment to on screen colour, we have talked about this in our terms and conditions. Iv been in the trade for many years dealing with customers face to face for which we have always supplied colour charts.
Dawn, you are going to come across people that act as real jerks from time to time. My experience is that because the web is fairly anonymous people act in a more radical fashion than they would face to face. You will find this happening much more often online than those that you deal with directly. As Brian stated before, these are going to happen and there's nothing you can about it. Sorry about the negative post.
Dawn, you are going to come across people that act as real jerks from time to time. My experience is that because the web is fairly anonymous people act in a more radical fashion than they would face to face. You will find this happening much more often online than those that you deal with directly. As Brian stated before, these are going to happen and there's nothing you can about it. Sorry about the negative post.
Yepp, this is completely correct.

The anonymity of the web as given people the idea that they can say/act any way they choose, without any repercussions. This is somewhat true, because you will never see them in person.

What you can do, if you choose to, is to let the customer know you will make it right by them and then let them know their business is no longer welcomed.

Sometimes its better to "fire" a bad customer than to try and please them. Yes the customer received the incorrect color, but you are doing everything you can to make it right. That's all you can do.

If they want more, you may try to give 'em a small percentage off their next order, but if that's not good enough and they continue to be difficult, just tell them they are not needed or welcomed.

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Mistakes are made in every business, especially in businesses that do custom orders. We strive to keep mistakes to a minimum, but expecting zero mistakes is unrealistic.

It is upsetting when something like this happens, but all you can do is exactly what you are doing. Analyze the problem, decide what you are going to do to remedy it, apologize to the customer and explain what happened, and tell him what you are doing to solve the problem.

I like to do everything I possibly can to remedy a mistake, including losing money on a job if necessary. Pleasing the customer is my number one concern, especially if something has gone wrong.

That being said, it sounds as though this customer is unreasonable. His responsibility as a consumer would have been to contact you, inform you of the incorrect order, and find out what you intend to do about it. Only if you were not able to provide satisfactory answers and a solution should he have resorted to reversing the charges.

Sometimes a customer will try to take advantage of a mistake to get free stuff. If they will not accept the incorrect order at a substantial discount and insist on a replacement, they should be asked to return the shirts they are not paying for. Just as in a store, if you want your money back you return the item. You don't keep the item and get a refund as well.
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Paypal will likely require that they ship back the problem shirts in order to accept the chargeback.

On the flip side, your supplier screwed up bigtime. Call your salesman and tell them that they made a mistake and ask how they normally compensate in this case.
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Maybe the supplier will just send them the correct shirt and not ask for the other one back..... Would be a nice little solution.

Sounds like the customer has gone a but ott. Perhaps they bought a white shirt already and now just want their money back....
Your customer was not correct to act that way towards your company for the mistake. There are ways to fix orders/problems in life and this is not the first step. They should have contacted you to make you aware of the problem and waited for correspondence on how you would make it right. Failure on your part to do such a thing would then result in a claim, but not first.
Make it right with them by getting new product or refund and don't do any more business with them. They obviously are immature and don't know how to communicate or handle problems. They will only be a headache for you. Focus on the customers who are professional and will help your company grow.

That's my two cents.
Is it possible that this was just one of those scammer deals? Although I guess you stated that you know the supplier sent the wrong color or did I misunderstand?

We receive dozens of those "I'm interested in buying XXX amount of un-decorated shirts" every month. They just go to the junk mail box and I don't even reply. I wonder if they've moved now to a new level of the scam and just buying from the online services to work their credit card scams?

We won't sell un-decorated garments for this reason but mostly because there is just no real value for us in doing so. Most anyone can buy cheap t-shirts with nothing on them at the local Walmart or whatever is in the neighborhood. We are a printer/embroiderer and the garments are just something we require to sell the service we are providing. I'll be curious how PayPal handles this. I have found them to be very slow in the past myself.
I think "useless" was referring to the fact that tgey can't use the color item sent.
Retro, I manage both Ebay and Amazon online sales for USCutter and this type of issue is simply one you'll have to get used to when selling online. Most sensible people will contact you first to address an order error, if a resolution is what they want. However, there are people out there who know how to game the system and will do so if they can. A buyer who immediately opens a PayPal case is very suspect especially when Paypal will *almost* never find in your favor. Your best option is to cover your bases with proper documentation, clear guidance to customers on what to do if they do discover an order error, and then really go out of your way to provide a fast solution to the customer. The approach I take is simply to try to prove the customer RIGHT. If they say they got the wrong item, ask them to help you prove that so you can take swift action to correct it. Pictures are the easiest method and extremely easy for anyone these days to snap a pick and email or text it. A customer that isn't willing to provide you what you need- to get them what they need- is suspect. Mistakes happen, but how you fix them will have as much of an impact on your business as the best marketing campaign.
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I agree with NinjaBenja - Swift action on your part to remedy the problem and guide the customer to getting the product that they want. If they want a refund, offer that upon receipt of the returned product. Very clear documentation on your site that covers all the possible scenarios is a must.
We all know that mistakes happen, even in the best and most perfect situations so we just need to be prepared to clear it up as quickly as possible.
I also agree that opening a case with PayPal so quickly is suspicious. If you are responding to the customer there was no need for them to take that extra step.
Don't take it so hard, just be ready with a plan and move on. Retail is difficult.
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I agree..definitely uncalled for given the fact that you offered a replacement. I wouldn't sweat it.
Let them get all butthurt over a simple mistake. Sounds like they are full of sheite who gets all clownassed over a simple blank shirt? They claims it right away on paypal... Probably got the right color and figured they'll play hardball to catch you on the offside so you go out of your way to make it right.

Im sorry but with that attitude and quick claim time I don't trust them for a second and maybe I am wrong but I have dealt with way too many mooch customers that try to eat the whole cake even when they know my margins and when I have already gone way to far out of the way to make sure they get everything they want on time and on a $750 order I had to drive over 2 hours to pickup the shirts I contracted the DTG work out on over a saturday because they didn't get them done and shipped to me by friday so I had to go from a weekend get away to pick them up and bring them back to screen print the backs on I had over $550 into the order and the customer asked for $250 back because the blacks were a little bit light more like a dark grey instead of black (DTG on a KORNIT) they knew I had over $500 into the order and had to ruin my entire weekend over their last minute BS order when I had warned them for 2 weeks that we needed to get the order in to avoid risking not having them ready for their football tailgating.

Mind you they looked just fine I said they looked excellent just that the black was a little light then they took them home and called back after saying they were completely thrilled with the quality to tell me that they want $250 back.. Needless to say I fired them I couldn't believe the c*cksucker had the balls to even ask me for anything after I busted arse to make nothing so they could get their rush order in time which I didn't even charge a rush fee nor a art fee when It was an 8 color design flat file I had to separate and breakdown to make work and charged no screen fees either.

LOL sorry for the novel but that was one order that reminded me of this in a slight way because the attitude for doing nothing wrong.

Best of luck and send a prepaid shipping envelope with the new shirt to send the old shirt back so you can see if they are full of it.
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