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Hello All!

Me and a mate have set up a new clothing line, which I hope, exposes a niche market.

As we aim to target more streetwear, 'current' fashion audiences at a low price, and we are trying to find a supplier that can produce oversized tshirts, that essentially keep general body length accompanied by huge sleeves.

I've looked on alibaba, but their shipping charges are extortionate for samples and I'm rather sceptical about the quality.

Any recommendations?

Onto the second question,

A group of me and my friends seem to enjoy exploring abandoned places and climbing sketchy buildings to try and get a different perspective on scenes that may often be overlooked or unseen for many years.

We decided to make a new clothing line to represent what we are doing, so people can identify us.

Anyways, this has lead to more and more people requesting items and being genuinely interested in what we do, actually inspiring them to go and explore places to send us photos they have got themselves.

Most of our clients, unfortunately, are friends or friends of friends at most, and we are finding it hard to secure an audience outside of friendship groups. Obviously, street wear is a rather saturated market at the minute, so I believe oversized tshirts will really push our brand as there isn't much diversity for the look we want, just don't know how to get out there.

Any thoughts?
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