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Custom T-Shirt Tags

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How important is it to have custom t-shirt tags? Instead of Gildan or Hanes tags?

I want to sell a quality product and I feel like it will enhance the overall appearance of the shirt. But wondering if I should attempt to launch the brand before spending the money and time to have the shirts with custom labels?

Target market is mainly college kids.
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A Gildan is still a Gildan even with custom labels. So I'm not sure if you're really enhancing that much in this case.

Are you selling online or through retail stores?
Not trying to enhance the actual shirt, but rather the company image. I almost feel it is tacky if I sell a shirt, then the customer receives it with the manufacturers tag like Gildan or Hanes. I could just be worrying about nothing.. just trying to see how many people re-label and how many don't.. and their opinions. :)
I say go for it, if you think it would help boost the image of your company do it, im doing the same kind of for the same reason, I want my line to look professional,

Just make sure whatever info is on the tag (size, washing instructions, etc.) That you take off you put back on your tag
From a business perspective, custom tags will add to your production cost but it doesn't actually add any value to the consumer. So you want to be careful not to force the retail price too high. At the same time, you don't want to cut into your profit margins either. As a startup brand, your main focus should be on generating cash flow. Make shirts and sell shirts. Rinse and repeat.

From a branding standpoint, I understand where you're coming from. You want your customers to feel like they are getting a quality product. If you have the budget to launch a legit marketing campaign from the beginning, then by all means, pay for custom tags. But if you are on a modest budget, you will need to start small and build from there. True brand building is going to be getting your product out there and creating a demand for more.

You can transition into custom blanks, tags, packaging, etc, when the time is right. But for now, get your shirts out there and start selling.
Yeah like Tim said, you defintitely want to make the sale first and foremost. But Matt I feel the same way you do about the tags. So i do relabel all of mine. Rarely do people say anything about it. I also make shirts for my hometown without my company name on them. So for me i also wanted to use the tag as a way for people to find who made the shirt. Plus it looks to me like a company is more dedicated to what they are doing if they have their own tag on the shirt. Like the quote *Invest in yourself and others will take notice and invest in you*
If you have the designs to back it up (especially if you have a storefront) a custom tag will, imho, enhance the value of the shirt.
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