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I dont know anyone that does them, but I know swf sells a auto rhinestone machine, maybe contact them and see if they can give you a reference of someone that owns one (the auto rhinestone machine) :) I know they send me a lot of work for my dtg when people call asking for referrals.

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I use these two companies for stock and custom rhinestone work, they are both very good companies to work with.

ZBSL has a $300 minimum, but is priced a tad less overall. The company is in Florida
Dazzling Designs has a 25 item minimum per custom design, no price minimum and they are local to me in the Puget Sound area so their local shipping is very reasonable.

Both have a 2 week turnaround for custom work, but typically I see my products ship in a week and a half.

ZBSL has an extensive stock catalog and if you want something in a different color, as long as you dont change the stone type, the cost does not change and they have no problem changing colors any way you want which I love. I can have rhinestone stars made up in red and silver, or green and gold. Most designs are mixed rhinestud, nailhead with rhinestones and are very detailed.

Good luck, working with rhinestones is great fun!

Both sell loose stones, ZBSL is less expensive.
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