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I do!!!!

I looked FOREVER to find some nice full color - all over (front and back) envelopes - at a quantity less than 10,000! *cough* MUCH less than 10,000...


All of their envelopes:


But wait! Here is a super "trick" I figured out!

Ok so, when you go to buy envelopes from them you'll see that they want you to buy at least 100 envelopes. But I really didn't want 100 - so I found out there are 2 options for buying envelopes from them "unfolded" and "folded". I think this refers to how they print them - either as sheets of paper which are then folded or as already put together envelopes.

Anyway. If you want to buy a lower quantity - totally go with the "unfolded" option! I only bought 10 for my first order - for $7! You'll just have to download the template for the envelope you want - design it that way then upload it to the site.

Here is a walk through so you can find this option (it took me a while to find it)
1) Go here: http://www.vistaprint.com/envelopes...ked+item)_Stationery_All+Products&xnav=TopNav

2) See where it says "Details and Pricing"?
Hover over that with your mouse and a drop down list will appear. Click on the size envelope you want.

3) Just as an example I picked "6x9"
(the page looks like this: http://www.vistaprint.com/envelopes...ked+item)_Stationery_All+Products&xnav=TopNav )

4) A little way down the page you'll see a chart that says "Choose How to Design It" with 2 options.

5) You'll want to pick "Upload your own complete design" so click the blue button to the right that says "Get Started"

6) Now a window will pop up (if it doesn't try a different browser - it will not work in my Safari for some reason)

7) Make sure "Unfolded" is selected and click continue

8) Upload your design. Make sure you used the correct unfolded template. Hit next...

9) Now you can edit and add text, other images, etc.

10) Hit next

11) I always get an "outside of margin" warning - but thats ok because the excess image will get cut off when they make the envelopes

12) Check the box to approve the online proof. Make sure it looks exactly as you want it to be printed. Hit Next.

13) Make an account, sign in, or continue as guest...

14) Finally you'll be able to pick how many you want to order - pricing starts at only 10 and goes up to 20,000.

I guess $1.00 an envelope is pretty high - but for low quantities this has been the best price I've seen. Zazzle.com has envelopes too - but I think the prices are better at vistaprint - last time I checked. I was happy with the envelopes I got from them - good quality.

Also - check for promotions - a lot of times you can find a coupon code.
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