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Hello Everyone,

I have been soaking up all of the valuable information on here for a while now and reading like crazy. I have done several searches throughout the forum and could not really find any information about a question that I have.

I am interested in getting a manufacturer to custom make some shorts for me. I have a design that I am trying to get created, a prototype if you will. So that I can then have the shorts mass produced. The shorts are made out of board short material. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that I could contact to possibly get the templates and all of the other stuff created to then have the shorts produced for me? I have contacted several of the places that are listed in the forum as being able to create custom shirts for you, such as, jerrico, national mills, and alternative apparel.

Anyways if anyone has a good idea of some other places that might be able to help me out or a better direction to head in I would really appreciate it. Also, if you have a good idea of the steps I need to take in your opinion I would love to hear them. I am sure that the process is practically the same for shorts as it is for custom creating shirts.

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