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Custom Hats Snapback Review for Premier Fits Headwear

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Felt that it is only appropriate of me to be making this review on here, as I found my supplier through this website. I looked a bunch of options that the Tshirt Forum had given me: Elm, Premier Fits, Arcade, etc.

I choose to go with Premier Fits however, and it has been very very very slooowwwww. Its a bit rediculous how slow everything has been. They have delayed me for an incredible forth time even though we don't even have a sample yet!
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Is this the one based in San Diego/ HK?

I've made my first order with them and had the embroidery samples shown after 2 and half weeks...still waiting for updates...
I've placed an order with them and we've been communicating via email....It's quite tiring but they did say it'll take eight weeks to manufacture my hats.....so i've got my fingaz crossed for at least four more weeks.
It's been 9 weeks for me and still no end product...hopin they come through soon!
Told me it would take 6 weeks plus shipping. Tuesday marks week 12, and they are not working with me very well. Very displeased.
Personally their quality is very high but they delivered to me in about 12 weeks rather than their promised 8 and their communication wasn't too great - broad to say the least.

Also they don't do proper quality control. I had loose threads and random bits of different coloured thread all over the hats. I wasn't impressed and their way of handling wasn't great either. I had to make-do with the hats.

So I'd say their quality is high but they make a lot of rookie mistakes which may make your line seem amateur too, also they don't deliver on time and their communication is poor.
THE WORSE COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Its been 14 weeks and I have absolutely no idea where my hats are or where my money is. No pics. The sales reps claim they are only sales reps and do not know what is holding up the process with the hats. WIll not give me a refund and will not give me hats. Already filed a complaint with the BBB and San diego Division of consumer affairs.
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I got my hats very very very very late.....
The chaps in San Diego are only sales rep and don't oversee quality control. They also have no control over lead times. When dealing with Premier Fits be sure never to change any part of your design (as its a begin again process with them).

Regarding getting a refund, well they've got a clause in the invoice they send that covers them.

My hats came out great but way past the high season window i had projected to sell them; so ive moved on to ther projects. If you dont mind the wait, these guys are the real deal.....but if time is of utmost importance to your business; FORGET ABOUT IT.


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Hello everyone,
I would like to share my 1st experience with Premier Fits.
I've made a 6 panel, Trucker, Snapback with a "CAMO" style flat brim.
3 embroidery (Front, side and back). The front logo is a 2 color 3D embroidery (Green and White) and all the white threads are "Glow in the dark)
Here's the link if you want to see the pictures : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152147198308242.1073741829.73431638241&type=1

I'm a graphik designer so it's was quick for me to get my template ready and place the order.

I've place the order on December 2012 and received my caps on July 2013 (YES ! 7 Month of waiting) But HEY ! it was worth the wait ! The Quality, the finish...everything is perfect.

When i first contact them (all by e-mail) response was really quick, even when asking for more and more informations, i've always had an answer. But when i've made the 1st payment (50% when ordering and 50% at the end) BOOM ! the dark hole...........LOL
I had to send about 5 email to get an answer after that. I already knew it will take much time that they say on their website, but the thing is i felt like they didn't care about me anymore. If it takes 7 month to make the caps, i don't really care ! But it's better to know it then be left with no news.

So for those of you who want to go with them, i just want to say : GREAT Quality ! but SUPER slow production time.

Thanks for the read ;)
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Very helpful reviews. Sounds like no matter what you do waiting will be a part of the process. Good lookin out. <[#.#]>
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