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Custom Fishing Apparel

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Good Day,

I have a company in South Africa that specializes in professional fishing apparel. I have a Roland RE-640 printer matched with a TTM-1700 heat transfer machine.

Below are just a few designs that we have manufactured.

If you want to see more please view our portfolio at Portfolio | The Epileptic Monkey

Kind Regards

The Epileptic Monkey


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What shirt manufacturer do you use? Material?
Care to post up the actual pics of the shirts when completed??
Where do you get your camo (blue) from? What are the materials in the shirts, I would hope polyester, but you never know. How does anyone order? Not that I personally want a fish on a shirt, but I like the shirts without the fish stuff a lot.
Good Morning.

The material we use for the fishing apparel is Honeycomb Polyester (also known as Birds Eye Polyester). The material is incredible for fishing as it is super light to wear, it is quick drying and moisture wicking.

We design and manufacture all of our own shirts right here in South Africa. We have clients worldwide with an incredible 5-7 day delivery to almost any country. You are looking at roughly US$37,00 a shirt, which includes all the design fees.

@Z06 KLR, please view the pics below.
@DivaB, we design all our own camo using illustrator then export it as an EPS then import it into photoshop for the designing.


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Sorry, I am new to this forum so if i am out of line here admin, please let me know.
@DivaB, you can email us at [email protected]

Kind Regards
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