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Custom Dyed, Custom Labeled, Custom Printed t-shirts needed

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I've searched around the forum and I can't find anything that matches up 100% with my needs.

I'm looking for a company that can dye shirts to Pantone colors, mix inks to Pantone colors, and provide and/or sew a custom label. I've worked with label manufacturers before, so I can take care of the production of the labels if need be.

AND do all this while keeping per design MOQ around 100. I'm looking to have around 10 designs (1000 shirts) printed during the first go round, with 6-12 (so 600-1200 shirts) every 3-4 months.

I've already spoken with a number of Chinese service providers that have great unit costs, but (of course) shipping is quite expensive.
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Try contacting So Cal Blanks, I think that's exactly what they do.

I'm not sure on their MOQ, but from other places like Simply Cotton the MOQ is like 600 pieces per style/color for that type service
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