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Over the last 1-2 years I ordered a bunch of Tultex 0202 shirts a bunch of different times and I found the fit and quality to be pretty good and consistent.

A few months ago I ordered some more and found they were now significantly smaller in the body of the shirt (length may still be about the same... but everything else is MUCH tighter). I'd say a large from the new batch is similar to a medium from the old batch in terms of how tight it is on my body.

I also found that this newer batch shrinks quite a bit after being washed... similar to how the older batch shrunk after being washed AND dried.

I'm thinking of ordering some more in hopes that they maybe reverted back to the way they were before this last batch and was just wondering if anyone has ordered any Tultex 0202 recently and can possibly comment on how they are now compared to how they were previously?

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