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Curing white vs black shirts in conveyor dryer

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I have been trying to get my temp. and speed settings dialed in. It seems that black shirts require a slower belt speed and slightly higher temperature than white shirts. Is this possible? I though black fabric would reach a higher temperature faster? I just processed about 800 black shirts using a set speed and temp. When I throw a white shirt through it yellows/scorches? I have both a temp. gun and cure strips. They both indicate the white shirts get hotter faster.

Any input would be greatly appreaciated
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I'll say that white ink is definitely thicker, so it would take longer to cure.
Also, are those black shirts a heavier weight than the white shirts ?
Could also be that the black shirts are scorching also you just can't see it as easily as you can with white..

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Not using white ink latest test was with gold metallic but ink color does not seem to matter. Plus the cure strips are not indicating that the black shirts are reaching cure temperature. On the white shirts the cure strips max out?
Where are you putting cure strips. What dryer. What temp you running at. I run all my shirts though same speed and just maybe turn up or down 10-15 degrees when I do a print flash print with white.
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