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curing shirts with heat press

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I was wonder if i could cure shirts with plastisol ink using a heat press... 320 for 30sec. sounds like i will work.. just dont know how well it cures and are there any problems with the print dont the road, like fading or worse .. thank you for reading you guys are always a great help.
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are you thinking of curing wet ink on a heat press? if so it'll stick to the iron or teflon sheet, smear, bleed etc.

if you do transfers, then yes it'll cure it, but it's already been partially cured by the transfer printing process.
no we are printing the shirts as normal but NOT running the through the dryer ...instead flashing the shirt then heat pressing later. We are not using transfer paper.
i've used the heat press after direct printing , but not to cure the ink, only to flatten it out when there are multiple colors and a white base.
It will work fine as long as you flash the ink so it doesn't smear. If you use a Teflon cover sheet it will come out glossy, if you use paper it will come out mate or something to that extant.
You can also put the shirt on the heat press while the ink is wet and use the heat press to flash it before curing. Just hold it as close as you can for about 15 second.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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