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Curing front and back?

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Hello. I have a Little Buddy conveyor dryer and I have shirts that i have printed front and back. Yes, I have flashed them. But I was wondering if I put the shirts through the dryer, if it will cure both sides? Or do if litterally have to do the front then do them all over again with the backs up?? I was just trying to save time.
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I've always printed one side, cured, printed the otherside, cured. You can try it and see if it works. All that you will ruin is one shirt if it doesnt' As long as both sides reach 330 it should work.

I think the Little Buddy works with radiant heat though, so probably only the side facing up will get to full temperature.

Good luck,
We have a belt dryer that uses convection heat, and I still notice the ink on the down side is not quite cured after one pass. So, we just suck up and send the item through twice.
You will more than likely need to pass it through on each side of the shirt. If you want to save time and try curing it with only putting it thru the dryer once I would be sure to wash your shirt a few times afterward to make sure it is actually curing both sides. :)
Wouldn't it be faster to not flash, just run all the fronts and send through the dryer, then run the backs?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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