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Hello tshirt forums, forgive me for my newbieness!

My 100% cotton shirts have faded designs after a wash or two! I cured it for about 35-40 seconds, when i pull it off its either ready to smoke or barely smoking. I searched a bit before posting so i think i have a general idea of why it would fade, but i thought that smoking would be a sign that it will scorch soon?

The design is actually pretty large so it "fits" the size of my flash drier, and since it's only faded around the edges, could it be that it's not curing properly on the sides?

If this is the case, would curing half and half work? Like cure half the design, then shift it over and cure the other side? Im worried about scorching. Just how much does it take to get a shirt to scorch?

Thanks for any advice.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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