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CSS/Margin Issue in Spreadshirt Shop

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and to spreadshirt. I am re-doing a website for a t-shirt company and have been having a lot of trouble getting the spreadshirt shop to mirror the actual company website.

Here's the spreadshirt site: http://eatingbrain.spreadshirt.com/
And the company site: Eating Brain - Helping you regain some piece of mind.

My biggest issue currently is that there is a margin on the left hand side that I am unable to get rid of.

I would also like to remove the "Shop" "Designs" "Purchase" "My Orders" and "Help" buttons and the drop down categories.

Am I also able to use image maps within the shop or divs to create links back to the main site?

Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated. THANKS!!
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You'll need an understanding of CSS to get it to work correctly and cohesively. From the looks of it, you do not have an understanding of CSS.
Thanks... I am still learning CSS... Do you have any suggestions for getting rid of the margin? I've looked so many places for help but have found none regarding this issue.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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