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cs2 to cs3

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I have a Adobe Classroom in a book for cs2. Onlu like one chapter into it.
Now started trying to use cs3. Is it worth it to finish the book or will I be more lost if I finish it and start tyring to use cs3 ?

I don't know all the new features and all so don't want to be more confused and lost then I am already.

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well witch one are u planing on using? whats about cs4?
c3. thats why I was asking if readin' the cs2 book was worth it or would it just confuse me more.

Nope don't got the money for cs4. Unless your gettin' it for me for christmas :)

We just received cs4 upgrade. Wasn't very expensive for a full upgrade package and WELL WORTH THE COST

yes read the book they dont take out feature from one to the next - they just add more

I learned illustrator 7 from classrooom in the book and now use cs3 and have not read another book

if you have a firm understanding of the programs you can move forward without much of a learning curve
yeah, like said ^^^^ you can finish the cs2 book and be fine.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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