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CRISIS! Cured Emulsion washing out!!

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I've been running without any major issues like this for the past two years. When I blow out my screens after being cured, the cured part starts washing out slightly after the negative. I used to be able to blow them out under high pressure with absolutely no problem.

I've been able to expose my screens for 10 minutes and everything worked perfectly. Now, I've tried for 30 minutes and no improvement. I just replaced the 4 bulbs in my Vastex unit yesterday. I ordered new emulsion and it should be here Monday.

The current emulsion I'm using was purchased in December and stored in my garage. I activated it about 2 weeks ago. It's gotten up to over 100 degrees in the garage - not sure if this could be the problem. Not sure if degreasers could go bad, but I've been using the same ones for the past 2 years as well.

The emulsion isn't bubbling off, it's wasing out. Any thoughts? Is there anything other than replacing the emulsion that I could be missing?
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We mix our emulsion and store it in the refrigirator so it don't over heat...

It dosen't matter what brand you use, the heat will make it go bad.
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