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Cricut Maker vs Cameo 3 help needed

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Buying some new equipment for the shop. I currently use the first release cameo but looking to upgrade. Anyone using the newer released cricut maker? Any suggestions on which I should get? Or should I be looking at other branded cutters? Any help/input would be greatly appreciated as I want to get to ordering as soon as possible.
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I upgraded from a Cameo 2 to an 18" Silver Bullet three years ago and have never even used the Cameo once in all that time.

The Cameo and other smaller, cheaper machines are toys, in my opinion, compared to the Silver Bullet. It particularly excels in the areas of print & cut and the cutting of heavier materials, something which the Cameo was lousy at.

(I am not connected in any way with the companies that manufacture or sell the Silver Bullet).
One significant difference beween the Cricut and the Cameo is that the Cricut software is cloud-based so you must be online for it to work.
I visited my ex-wife yesterday, the first time since she acquired her Cameo 3. I was impressed by what a nicely made device it is for only a little over $200.

She's figured out enough to have decorated her first shirt. It's just some text but it turned out nice.

@13irregular, what exactly are you looking to do differently than with your current equipment? What is more important to you, capability or price? Without providing any other info, it's like asking what car should I buy...
it looks like they're looking for cheap equipment to get the job done.

I would recommend a USCUTTER , A GCC AR-24 ( CLIPPER) or Expert 24 II (LX OPTION)

Those cricut and cameo are for kids to make projects on at home. Its like those $35 all in one printers at walmart.

Your best option for a table top hobby cutter is the USCUTTER MH 14 inch or the GCC i-Craft.
Those are the next best thing to toy plotters.
What about the Titan 3.

There is also the LaserPoint 3 (which does not have a servo motor), but thinking the Titan 3 might be the better choice. They are both do the ARMS contour cut. Any opinions on either?
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