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Hi All!
I'm new here, I'm trying to make some Rhinestone T shirts with some friends for a hobby.

I posted this in the Cutter section & they suggested I post here.

I'm trying to make some custom stencils, my friend has a Cricket Scrapbook cutter that she received as a gift & has never used. Can we use that to design & make custom stencils with that?

I was also looking at Boss Cut Gazelle which comes with sofware to do Rhinestone projects.

Then there was the Silhouette SD I found
which was in a cheaper price range.
Our budget is about $300-$500.

I have a Kandi Kane now but I'm going back & forth on which way would be best to apply the stones.
Basically I'm trying to find the easiest/user friendly way to go.

I understand you also need sticky tape to place your stencil on your shirt, can you please tell me what type of paper to get & where to buy it cheap? I'm not going to buy a lot, like I mentioned earlier, this is just going to be a hobby for a group of friends.

Any feedback, tips & reviews on which machine or way to start would be appreciated.

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