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Hello everyone!

I want to use some vector's and brushe's with CC and print them on t-shirt and sell, but:

1. Can i do that? I want to put in therms & conditions a small article about using a graphic by me - i just put a links to websites where i found them.

2. If vector/brush/image have CC with SHARE, can i add a note is impossible to resell that design on t-shirt? or its impossible?

Thanks for any answer's!
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There are several different versions of the CC license. Read carefully through the version attached to the images you want to use. Some specifically allow or exclude commercial use (ie using it on something you plan to sell or make money from) others allow use only in specific ways (for example only if the image is not altered in any way, or only if you attribute the author) make sure you fully understand the version of CC license they link to and if you are unsure just send a note to the creator explaining how you intend to use it and wait for their response.
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