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Creation PCUT CS630 vs. GCC Expert 24 LX

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Hi guys! :) I'm choosing the vinyl cutter and need to help which one you think it's better from these two or which one is more versatile and reliable:

1) Creation PCUT CS630
2) GCC Expert 24 LX

Both are with optical heads and very similar price.
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I would recommend the Saga unit over these but it is a bit more expensive.
If you are in the US, I would say be careful with the Creation unit. It is getting more and more difficult to acquire spare parts from them.
I'm living in Europe and Saga is quite rare here..:) So you think GCC should be better choice because of spare parts even here in Europe or it is only US "problem"?
In Europe, not sure about the support there.
Check out the Secabo units before you make your decision. Secabo is big in Europe.
vinyl cutters | heat presses | button machines from Secabo
Thx, I will check them, but for first sight..they look a bit more expensive than those two mentioned above.
But I already chose the Secabo heat press TC 7.
Well then you definitely would want a cutter with red end caps to match your Secabo press!
Lol, could look good, but color isn't the most important point for me. Just want to get best possible quality in this range of money. :)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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