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Creation KCut Pro CA24(CA630) cut settings

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Hi and thanks a lot to everyone who helped out, I finally got my plotter to work. Would anyone have settings that they use to cut when dealing with complex artworks. I sent two fairly complex artworks and my plotter couldn't finish the job, I got a "waiting" message on the display and the machine froze.
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try windows driver and cut direct from illustrator or coreldraw
1- instal usb driver for plotter itself from the disc came with plotter
2- then go to device manager and find out com port number (mine is com3 so in video i show com 3 and maybe yours is difrent number
3a-download windows xp vista and 7 32 bite driver from this link
3b- download windows xp vista and 7 64 bit from this link

4- un zip it open and run the setup
select instal then select com port same as your device manager and select moder gx500 and start and finish instalation
5- instal coreldraw or illustrator
how to cut from illustrator
how to cut from coreldraw
you are redy to use you plotter
and you have to use the plotter as gx500 printer in coreldraw or auto cad

you need winrar software to unzip this softwares after download.
If you do not have winrar then please download free from this link
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Sounds like your design is too large for your cutter's memory. Is there a way to split up the design?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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